Matching Quizzes

Being a failed teacher, I like to try to get some worth from my Master's degree by creating education applications.

Matching Quiz (Demo - Template)

One that I have been tweaking for years is a matching quiz. I demonstrate the basic quiz with the U.S. State capitals.

You are welcome to reuse my code for any type of quiz you like. Start with this basic template page and replace the information inside the page with whatever questions and answers you want. I only ask that you leave the link to my site at the bottom for attribution and follow all other stipulations of the Creative Commons license 2.5.

ProtonFish Learning System 1.0 (Demo - Template)

I used to demonstrate the matching quiz with World capitals, but few Americans had enough geography knowledge to even get started. I switched it to state capitals, but that did not solve the problem of it being to hard or too easy depending on the user. To help beginners, I added features to break the questions down into more manageable sections and allowed them to view all correct answers using the "study" option. If matching is too easy, they can choose to take a fill-in-the-blank version instead. This is still only one Web page and should be as easy to modify as the regular matching quiz with the addition of adding categories.

Like above, check out how it works by studying World Capitals. If you want to make your own quizzes, use this template. I also made a learning system for the elements of the periodic table and their chemical symbols. Eventually I'd like to make a section of this site a collection of quizzes for your learning pleasure. Ah the ecstasy of quizzes. Yeah, I never had many friends in school . . .

I have copyrighted this in the same way as the regular matching quiz. My only hope is it will make people a little more knowledgeable about the World. And maybe drive traffic to my Website until a rich philanthropist sees my work and offers me a job as court philosopher.